Property Management Rates

Monthly Management Fee 1 property – 8% of rents received
  2 properties – 7% of rents received
  3+ properties – 6.5% of rents received

At a minimum of 1 monthly visit to the property, the interior of the property, Waterhouse Realty changes out the AC filter as a service to the tenant and the owner at no charge. Any neglect or findings of not keeping with the rules of the lease will be reported to the owner immediately with a lease violation being sent to the tenant.

Time and travel to file evictions as well as attend eviction court should it be necessary – it does NOT include the fee that is charged by the court for the filings.

Coordination of maintenance/Contractors/payments

Monthly accounting statements/Year end statement with 1099/Deposit to your bank account the cash flow for the month on or about the 10th of each month.

All tenant correspondence to include collections, notices, and violations.

Minimum Management Fee $50 a month- unless owner has multiple properties, then it is $0
General Maintenance hourly rate 2 properties – 7% of rents received
Leasing Fee 80% of one months rent
Lease Renewal Fee 20% of one months rent
Application fee $40 for each person over 18
Credit check, background check, 2 years of rental history, income verification 3x the rent